Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Towel Refresh

Sadly, summer is coming to an end. The kids are back in school and I have a goal to get our house back in order from the summer fun. One of the things on my list was a towel refresh for the beach towels. They have been dragged, stepped on, left in the rain, used to wash the dog, soaked in ocean water, covered in sand or mud, etc so all the fluffiness and fresh smell was gone. I searched for a way to refresh those towels and this is what I found.
  • Wash towels with 1 cup vinegar in hot water.
  • Wash again with 1/2 cup baking soda in hot water. 
  • Dry completely.
Do not use detergent. It is not needed with a refresh. You don't need to do this every time. Just when your towels need a refresh.

Yup, it is that simple. It worked for me. Let me know if you have tried it!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Colored Jar Lights

I love my beer bottle lights but I wanted something a little more summery. (Is that a word?  It is now.  I just made it a word.)  If this means that I had to drink like... four Starbucks mocha lattes, then so be it!  For the bottles, of course.

Now, instead of multicolored lights in single color bottles, I went with white lights in multicolored bottles.  I found an awesome tutorial for colored jars here. The latte bottles are perfect for the lights. I also wanted to try something more than just colored bottles:

I left the Mod Podge colorless, and mixed in glitter instead.  It makes for an awesome sparkly almost fairylike glowing jar.  Perfect for summer lighting. Use LED lights for a cute nightlight too.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

DIY Coffee Bar

Wow. It has been a long time since I have been here. I noticed that my beer bottle lights were very popular on Pinterest and other blogs and it made me miss blogging about my crafty adventures so here I am. I am back and here to stay!

Let's jump right into it. I am going to start with a quick post to get your head spinning with ideas.

I inherited an old china cabinet which I couldn't bring myself to get rid of, but it was so dusty and well, ugly.  I'd also promised myself that my house would someday have a coffee bar.  If only there was some sort of solution to my two problems.  Hmm...  wait, I've got it!  Turning an old, ugly, but not worthless piece of furniture into something awesome for your residence is easier than you think.  That is, as long as you make your husband do all the work while you "supervise."  I personally supervised from just over the rim of a margarita, but you can choose the method that suits you best.  Anyway, on to the tutorial.

For this project, we used: An old china cabinet, a screwdriver, a Black and Decker oscillating multi-tool, and some Behr semi-opaque colored stain.  (Please note, we were not sponsored or compensated in any way by any of the above named brands, it just happens to be what we used.  We also do not make any claims that these products are superior to any other comparable items.)

First all of the handles, doors, glass panes, drawers, and shelves were removed.  This makes sanding and staining much easier.  Next up, sanding!

Sanding was accomplished much more quickly and easily than I thought possible, by way of the multi-tool.  The whole thing only took a couple hours.  The doors were also sanded, separate from the cabinet.
After sanding, it was time to stain.  The cabinet required two coats total, along with some touch-ups.  We bought three of the sample size cans, and ended up with more than one can left over, so I would say 2-3 should be plenty for most furniture.

After the stain was applied and allowed ample time to dry, my hubby reassembled the cabinet, and mounted screw hooks to the back wall for cup hangers. Since the back of the cabinet was pretty thin, he put a small board on the back of the cabinet and screwed the hooks into it, for stability.  I put shelf paper (from dollar tree!) in to make it look pretty. The letters up top are also custom made, and will be covered in another tutorial.  (Please note, the words "another tutorial" will smartly link to said tutorial.  Just as soon as I actually write it.)

Beyond this, customize it any way you like.  For example, I added in baskets in place of the drawer, and my favorite chipped teacup.

Wait, why would I love a chipped teacup?

Well there you have it.

Add in a coffee machine, some gasket jars and a cute little cappuccino shaped shaker for cocoa powder, and you are all set!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beer Bottle Christmas Lights

With this project, I am going to turn you into an alcoholic. Or at least your neighbors will think so.
Save your beer bottles or wine bottles. Clean them up really good and scrap off the labels.

Stuff Christmas lights down in each bottle.

That's it.

Easy and beautiful, right?

Having a Christmas party? Line it up along the driveway or decorate the table with them.

I wouldn't suggest leaving them outside all the time though.

I personally leave them sitting on my counter.

Just a little extra decoration for your home!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Bulb Glitter Garland

We live on a tight budget. I love all things cute. I love decorating the entire house according to the season or holiday. So that whole tight budget thing has really made me get creative with my decorating.

Right now I am starting to plan for Christmas. Of course Christmas is the huge decorating season. I am in decorating paradise at Christmas.

I took a look at my current inventory of decorations. I had a ton of those huge Christmas bulbs that didn't work. They are so pretty that I hate to throw them out.  So I added a little SnackerDoodle touch to them.

Went to the store. Got some glitter. Oh boy do I love glitter. My husband, on the other hand, hates glitter. He is a good sport though and helps me.

Place the glitter in some baggies. Sandwich bags work great. Take a Christmas bulb and "paint" some glue all over it. I used Mod Podge. Put the bulb in the glitter baggie and gently shake.  It comes out looking like a completely new, sparkly bulb.

Get a long piece of twine, string, or ribbon. Whatever is laying around the house. I had twine. Knot your twine around the base of your bulbs spacing them out equally along the twine.

Now you have a beautiful garland that will sparkle up against the Christmas tree lights.

And it only costs me $5. The cost of the pack of glitter.

Don't use up all your old bulbs because I have another project for you coming soon.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

About Snackerdoodles

I love to cook. I love to craft. I don't love to clean. But who does, right?

My husband and I are a great team.

I bake. He does a taste test.
I cook dinner. He washes the dishes.
I work the stove. He works the grill.
I handle the glitter. He handles the drill.
(Hehe. I just rhymed. I am also easily amused.)
Together we come up with Pinterest ideas that are easy for everyday families.

We are here to show you our ideas. The snackerdoodle way!